Mechanical Presses
NS1 Series

AIDA NS1 Series


Press capacities range
from 800 kN to 2000 kN

AIDA NS1 unitized frame mechanical presses are available from 80 through 200 tons capacity. The six-point slide guide system provides a long useful life. The wet-type clutch and brake provide higher intermittent rates and long life – important factors for hand-fed and top-stop applications.

An AC Variable frequency drive allows for wider speed ranges. The Quill mounted flywheel results in a larger bearing surface. The front to back mounted forged steel crankshaft along with hardened and precision ground gears are well suited for high stress blanking applications. Micro-Inching provides die setting at very low speeds

  • High-precision and high value-added forming.
  • Monobloc straightside construction eliminates frame deflection.
  • Forced circulation lubrication system.
  • Centrally located full-length slide guiding.
Main Specifications

Below the main specification of this press series.

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Model NS1-800 NS1-1100 NS1-1500 NS1-2000
Variant (S) (1) (S) (1) (S) (1) (S) (1)
Capacity (kN) 800 1100 1500 2000
Stroke length (mm) 60 100 70 110 80 130 95 160
Strokes per minute (min-1) 75÷150 55÷125 65÷135 50÷110 55÷115 40÷95 45÷95 35÷80
Die height (mm) 300 320 350 410
Slide area (mm) (L/R x F/B) 700×460 800×520 900×580 1000×650
Bolster area (mm) (L/R x F/B) 900×460 1000×520 1150×600 1250×680
Side opening (mm) 440×270(220) 500×290(240) 560×330(280) 620×380(330)
Working height (mm) 900 900 900 1000

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