AIDA Service can provide a complete turnkey package to greatly improve your productivity

If your presses or associated equipment require refurbishment, AIDA can provide a complete turnkey package to greatly improve your productivity, this service is available for AIDA equipment and for other equipment brands.

If your press needs modification, for example if it has a stroke length or shut-height dimension that no longer meets your production requirements, AIDA can provide an evaluation to determine if it can be cost effectively modified to suit your new requirements.

If you are running presses with dated or obsolete electrical control system, AIDA can help increase your productivity and reduce production downtime by carrying out complete system upgrades, or by replacing individual elements such as PLC systems and operator interfaces, etc.

If you own a non-CE compliant grey market press, AIDA can help by making the necessary modifications to bring the press into compliance with the appropriate European standards.

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AIDA Service can provide total replacement of existing systems to significantly improve productivity.


AIDA Service is a highly qualified partner to deliver excellent technical support to metal stamping industry.

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