The Preventive Maintenance inspection of AIDA Service encompasses all components of the press.

Preventive Maintenance:

  • reducing production downtime
  • improved product quality & reduced scrap
  • increased machine efficiency
  • increased press and die life
  • reduced overall maintenance costs
  • increased customer satisfaction
  • competitive advantage

The Preventive Maintenance inspection encompasses all components of the press and includes checks on:

  • machine level
  • parallelism
  • perpendicularity
  • overall bearing clearances
  • slide guiding system
  • counterbalance system
  • clutch and brake system
  • servo drive system
  • pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical and lubrication systems

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AIDA Service is a highly qualified partner to deliver excellent technical support to metal stamping industry.


AIDA Service
can supply new replacement
parts for all types of stamping equipment.

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