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AiCARE (AIDA Information Care System) comprehensively manages press information by gathering data in real time and includes machine learning based high-level analytics.
AIDA interacts with all networks to gather press information via internet connection. Each press is connected to the cloud server via ethernet or Wi-Fi.
Information that is automatically gathered from each press is stored on the cloud server, using Microsoft® high-availability safe technology. A 4G-version of this product is available on demand.

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T1-Forming Information
Operations Management

Every press strokes will be recorded and analyzed: thanks to the functionalities of the AiCARE T1 package, dedicated to Forming Information, the deformation data can be analyzed in advanced graphics to immediately understand the quality achieved; the operator can have a clear view of the production and wear trends of the dies.

AiCARE T1 module includes the following functionalities:

  • load waveform
  • vibrations waveform at various locations on the press
  • pressure waveforms at various locations on the press
  • AI tools (analysis of collected data)
T1-Forming Information - Operations Management
T2 -Operation Data
Production Management

Press stops are immediately visible: through the Operation Data package the operating data of the press are immediately made availableto the Production Manager through easily readable graphics. Keep your consumption under control: the energy consumption of the press is stored and transformed into information on the costs incurred for each individual piece produced. Avoid breakdowns: with the option relating to oil quality and thermal control it is possible to keep the vital parameters of the press under control so as to avoid long press downtimes. Advanced alarm analysis: keep an eye on press alarms and the comparison with other production facilities located in other areas will never be so easy.

AiCARE T2 module includes the following functionalities:

  • power ON time
  • main motor ON time
  • utilization time
  • product number / name
  • SPM setting value
  • production quantity
  • die change time
  • fault / event history
  • e-mail notification of faults
T2 -Operation Data - Production Management
T3 -Maintenance Information
Maintenance Management

Maintenance is a priority for the press: AiCARE takes care of the presses and informs the maintenance personnel of the parts that need inspection, maintenance or replacement; in addition to this it is possible to make forecasts to understand which parts will need maintenance
and when.

AiCARE T3 module includes the following functionalities:

  • peak load value
  • lube / hydraulic oil temperature
  • temperatures at various locations on the press
  • component replacement / inspection timing information
  • e-mail notification of component due replacement / inspection
T3 -Maintenance Information - Maintenance Management

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