AIDA Original Motorized Hydraulic Servo Die Cushions

Draw-forming accuracy is greatly influenced by the performance of the die cushion.
AIDA’s servo-driven hydraulic die cushions combine servo motors with AIDA-developed servo controllers to deliver precise variable-pressure controls. It enables the optimal conditions for the complex draw forming of highly-designed parts and the forming of very difficult-to-form materials such as high-tensile steels.

Die Cushion Capacities:
150 kN ~ 5000 kN

AIDA Servo Die Cushions Picture

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The advantages
of servo die cushions:
  • Precise yet flexible motorized hydraulic systems. Minimal surge pressures and smooth pressure changes
  • Aggregation and analysis of data from multiple runs. This enables customers to independently evolve their processes
  • A stable and reliable draw-forming process reduces the amount of material used in production
  • Improved material yields and flexibility to change materials lead to lower costs
  • The electrical power regeneration feature enables high-efficiency energy-saving production (Conserves 70% of the consumed energy)
  • The built-in hydraulic overload protection provides safety against possible damages due to overloads
  • Impact forces on the press are kept to a minimum, reducing maintenance


Original Motorized Hydraulic
Servo Die Cushions

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