Mechanical Presses
PME-S2 Series

AIDA PME-S2 Series - AIDA PME-L2 Series


Press capacities range
from 4000 kN to 10000 kN

The PME-S2 presses are characterized by the wide suspension point spacing for increased off-center load capability, a minimal overall clearance to reduce the occurrence of breakthrough, the 8-point square slide guides that limits lateral and longitudinal movement and the tie-rod tightened frame to increase rigidity and precision. The large frame design and the manufacturing processes were revamped in order to accommodate the forming of high-strength materials. AIDA manufactures all the precision parts in-house in order to achieve minimal clearances in critical areas and delivers high-precision forming and high durability by means of a 8-surface slide guide design and a grip-type point design. AIDA PME-S2 presses combines master craftsmanship manufacturing with advanced forming technologies and enables the forming of automotive structural panels and transmission parts.

  • A stamping system that enables maximum production diversity and stability
  • Overload protector utilizing an advanced metal seal design, offering fast response time for protecting your tooling & press
  • Minimal overall clearance to reduce the occurrence of breakthrough
  • Easy adjustment to maintain superior parallelism & resistance to off-center loading
  • Wide connections spacing, increased off-center load bearing capacity
Main Specifications

Below the main specification of this press series.

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Model PME-S2-4000 PME-S2-6300 PME-S2-8000 PME-S2-10000
Capacity (kN) 4000 6300 8000 10000
Slide Stroke (single reduction) (mm) 350 400 400
Slide Stroke (double reduction) (mm) 300-400 450 450-500 400-500-600
Slide and bolster length (mm) 3050-3650 3500-(4250) 4000 4500-5000
Slide and bolster width (mm) 1500 1500-(1700) 1800 1800
Side window opening (mm) 1700 2200 2200 2360
Shut height (mm) 600-650-850 800-900-1000 900-950-1000 900-1000
Slide adjustment (mm) 250 300 300 300
Press speed in pendulum mode (single reduction) (min 1) 20÷60 20÷50 20÷50
Press speed in pendulum mode (double reduction) (min 1) 10÷35 10÷30 12÷30 15÷30

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