Mechanical Presses
MCX-S2 Series

AIDA MCX-S2 Series


Press capacities range
from 4000 kN to 8000 kN

MCX-S2 are straightside frame, tie rod construction presses. Each frame component is designed and verifi ed with FEM systems and manufactured to reduce deflection under load below 0,1 mm/m. All structural components are made of quality-controlled steel plates, thermally stress-relieved after welding. Reduced frame deflection and elongation enables higher precision metal stamping.

The MCX-S2 presses includes a high-performance air-friction combination clutch and brake and a quill mounted flywheel with optional medium or high energy drive. Configurations include single or double eccentric gear drive, a wide variety of stroke length and die height choices as well as zero clearance roller-type slide guides.

  • Designed to specifically serve progressive and transfer die applications and associated off-center loading.
  • High rigidity frame, tie-rod construction, counter-rotating gears, roller guides.
  • Self-contained counter-balance cylinders that reduces packing wear which results in lower maintenance and elimination of air leaks. Air surge tanks not needed.
  • 8-Point roller guiding of the slide.
  • Equipped with AIDA Hydraulic Overload Protection (HOLP), the AIDA’s high flow rate hydraulic overload protection system featuring the fastest response time available on the market.
Main Specifications

Below the main specification of this press series.

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MCX-S2-4000 MCX-S2-6300 MCX-S2-8000
Capacity kN 4000 6300 8000
Slide Stroke
(single reduction)
mm 250-300-350 350-400 400-450-500
Slide Stroke
(double reduction)
mm 400-450 400-450-500
Slide and bolster length mm 2500-3050-3650 3050-3650-4250 3650-4000-4600
Slide and bolster width mm 1500 1500 1800
Side window opening mm 1100 1250 1400
Shut height mm 600-650-700-750 700-750-800-850 750-800-850-900
Slide adjustment mm 250 300 300
Press speed in pendulum
mode (single reduction)
mm-1 20÷60 20÷60 20÷50
Press speed in pendulum
mode (double reduction)
mm-1 10÷30 12÷30

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