Servo Presses
DSF-NE2 Series



Press capacity of 4000 kN

The DSF-NE2 is a 2-point direct servo straight side press that combines the high rigidity of a monobloc frame with the flexibility of the freely programmable servo motion of the AIDA DSF® – Direct Servo Former technology.

DSF-NE2 presses are equipped with AIDA’s own low RPM high torque servo motor offers unmatched performance in metalforming application. Each frame component is designed and verified with FEM systems and manufactured to reduce deflection under load below 0,1 mm/m. Zero clearance roller guide (and without required lubrication) significantly contributes to longer die life by guiding the slide at the front to back center of the press and by fully guiding the whole range of slide motion.

Thanks to a unique design and cutting-edge manufacturing features, the DSF-NE2 presses series guarantees low-noise, low-vibration multiple varied-length forming, optimizing all manufacturing and maintenance operations and assuring at the same time flexible applications and long die life spans. This series of presses, capable of reaching speeds of 120 strokes per minute, expresses performances of absolute excellence.

  • High productivity by using a low-speed, high-torque AC servo motor designed specifically for press applications
  • Direct-drive mechanism connects the motor shaft directly to the drive pinion and then to the main gear in order to achieve high-precision and high valueadded forming
  • Highly rigid frame, symmetrical front-to-back
Main Specifications

Below the main specification of this press series.

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Model DSF-NE2-2500 DSF-NE2-4000 DSF-NE2-6300
Capacity (kN) 2500 4000 6300
Slide Stroke [Single Reduction] (mm) 250 300 / 300 400 / 400
Slide and Bolster Lenght (mm) 2400 2500 / 3050 3050 / 3650
Slide and Bolster Width (mm) 1200 1400 / 1500 1500 / 1500
Side Window Opening (mm) 1250 1250 / 1250 1400 / 1400
Shut Height (mm) 650 750 / 750 1000 / 1000
Slide Adjustment (mm) 130 250 / 250 300 / 300
Press Speed in Pendulum Mode (min -1) 140 118 / 118 104 / 104

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