Mechanical Presses
UL Series

AIDA UL Series


Press capacities range
from 2000 kN to 6000 kN

Equipped with an innovative 9-point support design, a highly rigid ring frame, and zero-clearance slide gibs. Its tremendously enhanced dynamic accuracy increases die life by a factor ranging from 10 to almost 100 times. The slide does not move laterally during forming, enabling next-generation forming that smashes through conventional limitations. Combined with the superiority of a single crank design, UL presses enables transfer forming, progressive forming and multi-stage cold forging. The overall height has been reduced by 30% by eliminating the connecting rods that had once been considered essential components of crank presses.

UL series includes a newly developed energy-saving hydraulic power unit equipped with a flywheel. Multi-stage knockout functionality can be accommodated by mounting hydraulic cylinders in the bed on the left and right that actuate a central knockout bar. Basic operations can be performed froma a central location at the front of the press, including confirmation of the crank angle, die height settings and load monitoring during forming. AIDA provides a wide array of options for UL presses to meet detailed customer requirements.

  • The UL tremendously enhanced dynamic accuracy increases die life from ten to almost hundred times
  • The innovative 9-point support system enables high precision forming that has expanded the boundaries of metalforming
  • Zero-clearance slide guides and highly rigid frame
  • Main operating panel with superior visibility and operability
  • Suitable for a wide variety of applications, ranging from progressive, fine-blanking and flow-control forming to cold forging.s.
Main Specifications

Below the main specification of this press series.

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Model UL-2000 UL-3000 UL-4000 UL-5000 UL-6000
Capacity (kN) 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000
Stroke length (mm) 200 200 250 250 200
Strokes per minute (min-1) 40÷80 40÷80 30÷70 30÷70 30÷80
Slide adjustment (mm) 100 100 100 100 100
Die height (mm) 450 500 700 700 700
Slide area (mm) (L/R x F/B) 1550×830 2000×900 2000×900 2000×950 1850×1000
Bolster area (mm) (L/R x F/B) 1550×950 2000×1000 2000×1000 2000×1050 1850×1000
Side opening (mm) 540 600 660 750 800

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