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SME-S2 Series

AIDA SME-L2 Series


Press capacities range
from 2000 kN to 6000 kN

The SME-S2 Series is composed by high-precision, high-rigidity, straight side 2-point presses suitable for tandem lines application. The welded straight side frame construction incorporates tie rods that, combined with the long slide guides, assures high long-term accuracy under loaded conditions and greatly enhance die life. The wet-type clutch and brake assures high-level intermittent operation capabilities and further enhances maintainability. The suspension points are located at a wide span positions in comparison to the left-to-right slide dimension, and the rigidity of the slide and suspension point supports allows greater eccentric loading.
AIDA manufactures all the precision parts in-house in order to achieve minimal clearances in critical areas and delivers high-precision forming by means of the high-rigidity 8-surface slide guide design.

  • Perfect for medium and large panel forming and deep draw applications
  • 8-surface slide guide design to ensure high-precision forming
  • Overload protector utilizing an advanced metal seal design, offering fast response time for protecting your tooling and press
  • Noise reduction and minimal breakthrough extend die life
  • Eight-point square slide guide that limits lateral and longitudinal movement
  • Wide suspension point spacing for increased off-center load capability
  • Suited for fully automatic tandem lines as well as for single-strike forming
AIDA SME-L2 Tandem Series
AIDA SME-L2 Tandem Series
Main Specifications

Below the main specification of this press series.

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Model SME-S2-2000 SME-S2-3000 SME-S2-4000 SME-S2-5000 SME-S2-6000
Capacity (kN) 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000
Rated tonnage point (mm) 6.5 13 13 13 13
Stroke length (mm) 300 400 500 460 510 460 510 510 600
Strokes per minute (min-1) 20~40 15~30 15~30 15~30 15~20
Slide adjustment (mm) 200 200 200 200 300 200 300 300 350
Die height (mm) 600 700 800 800 900 800 900 900
Slide area (mm) (L/R x F/B) 2150×1200 2150×1250 2450×1250 2500×1250 2750×1250 2500×1400 2750×1400 2750×1500
Bolster area (mm) (L/R x F/B) 2150×1300 2150×1400 2450×1400 2500×1400 2750×1400 2500×1500 2750×1500 2750×1500
Bolster height (mm) 180 200 220 240 250

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