Mechanical Presses
PME-L4 Series

AIDA PME-L4 Series


Press capacities range
from 6300 kN to 10000 kN

The PME-L4 Series is composed by high-precision, high-rigidity, straight side 4-point link-motion presses for progressive die applications. The highly rigid tie-rod frame coupled with bearings designed with minimal overall bearing clearances keep breakthrough to a minimum, which reduces noise, enables high long-term accuracy and extends die life. The PME-L4 presses are manufactured with the slide suspension point centers positioned in very close proximity to the tie rod centers; the optimal structure for multi process forming, that enable widely-spaced left and right suspension points and heavy-duty eccentric loading capabilities. Moreover, the built-in dynamic counterbalances reduce vibration and enable stable high-speed production.

  • Manufactured with forged eccentric shafts on a very low deflection tie rod frame with dynamic balancing of slide and upper die
  • Built-in dynamic counterbalances reduce vibration and enable stable high-speed production
  • The wide spacing between the points enables the PME-L4 presses to effectively withstand off-center loads
  • The highly rigid frame can withstand the progressive stamping of thick sheet metal
  • The symmetrical front-to-back and left-to-right frame maintains high dynamic accuracy
Main Specifications

Below the main specification of this press series.

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Model PME-L4-6300 PME-L4-8000 PME-L4-10000
Capacity (kN) 6300 8000 10000
Stroke length (mm) 300 300 250 – 400
Strokes per minute (min-1) 15÷80 15÷65 15÷56
Slide area (L/R x F/B) (mm) 4500 x 2200 5000 x 2630 4500 x 2480
Bolster area (L/R x F/B) (mm) 4300 x 2200 5000 x 2630 4500 x 2300
Side window opening (mm) 2000 2300 2250
Shut height (mm) 1220 1200 1200
Slide adjustment (mm) 250 250 300

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