Servo Presses
DSF-TE2 Series



Press capacities range
from 4000 kN to 12500 kN

DSF-TE2 servo transfer presses offer the highest level of customisation through multiple configuration. DSF-TE2 presses nowadays attract more and more customers who aim at boosting their productivity and increasing their competitive advantages in the global metalforming industry. DSF-TE2 are straightside frame, tie rod construction presses. Each frame component is designed and verified with FEM systems and manufactured to reduce deflection under load below 0,1 mm/m. All structural components are made of quality-controlled steel plates, thermally stress-relieved after welding.
DSF-TE2 presses are equipped with AIDA’s proprietary, high torque, low speed servo motors designed specifically for presswork. The AIDA servo package enables users to optimize, in accordance with the part height, slide motion and stroke length, allowing for superior parts forming. The superior control of the impact speed on the material available for the AIDA servo package enables increased productivity, improved die life and reduced die maintenance.

  • Fully programmable stroke length, velocity, and dwell for optimized production for every die
  • 500 Job Recipe Storage
  • Teach function minimizes the possibility of operator entry error
  • Redundant dual encoders for additional safety
  • 16 channel PLS for improved safety and productivity
  • Integrated Tonnage Monitor
  • Third-Party Integration, with auxiliary equipment screens shown on press OIT
Main Specifications

Below the main specification of this press series.

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Model DSF-TE2-4000 DSF-TE2-6300 DSF-TE2-8000 DSF-TE2-10000 DSF-TE2-12500
Capacity (kN) 4000 6300 8000 10000 12500
Slide Stroke (single reduction) (mm) 350 400 400
Slide Stroke (double reduction) (mm) 450 500 600 600
Slide and bolster length (mm) 3050-3650 3500-4250 4100 4700-5500 4700-5500
Slide and bolster width (mm) 1500 1500-1700 1800 1800 1800
Side window opening (mm) 1700 2200 2200 2360 2360
Shut height (mm) 600-650-700-750 800-900-1000 800-900-1000 900-1000 900-1000
Slide adjustment (mm) 250 300 300 300 300
Press speed in pendulum mode (single reduction) (min 1) 3÷90 3÷75 3÷71
Press speed in pendulum mode (double reduction) (min 1) 3÷66 3÷60 3÷42 3÷42

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