Prensas Mecânicas
Série K1-E

AIDA K1-E Series


Capacidades das prensas
de 2500 kN a 10000 kN

K1-E Series Press – a high performance cold forging press, enables production of the high-quality parts demanded by today’s industries. In order to obtain such high precision, AIDA has increased the rigidity of the frame to prevent slide inclination, and introduced an overload protector in case of unusual overload.

The compactness of the press frame ensures easy installation and meets the necessary requirements of the working environment. All these new features have been developed to produce a stable machine for continual high-precision production of components over a long period of time.

  • K1-E is equipped with a strong and highly rigid monobloc frame, six-sided right-angle long slide guides and a quick-response hydraulic overload protection system.
  • Compact bed knockouts are built into the bed. The press is floor-mounted for easy installation.
  • Wide range of metalforming operations including transfer forming of billets, high-precision progressive forming of coil material and cold forging of metal plate billets.
Especificações principais

Abaixo a especificação principal desta série de prensa.

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Model K1-2500E K1-4000E K1-6300E FMX-10000
Capacity (kN) 2500 4000 6300 10000
Rated tonnage point (mm) 7 7 7 10
Stroke length (mm) 160 180 220 250
Strokes per minute (min-1) 30÷60 30÷50 25÷45 25÷40
Die height (mm) 400 450 550 650
Slide area (mm) (L/R x F/B) 600×400 700×500 800×600 1000×900
Bolster area (mm) (L/R x F/B) 600×500 700×600 800×700 1000×900
Bed knockout capacity (kN) 120 200 320 500
Knockout stroke length (mm) 80 90 110 110

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